AirTalk for August 29, 2001

The State Bailout of Edison

State lawmakers are expected to vote on a bill that would allow the cash strapped utility to issue more than two billion dollars in bonds. Larry Mantle speaks with the senior fellow at the Pacific Research Institute of Public Policy, Dr. Benjamin Zycher.

Early College Decision

Larry Mantle discusses the issues surrounding early admissions programs and why they may be problematic for colleges, college counselors, and students. He speaks with The Atlantic Monthly's national correspondent and author of September's cover story, "The Early Decision Racket," James Fallows, and Caltech Director of Admissions, Charlene Liebau.

The High Cost of College Education

As university students return to school, many will follow the hefty tuition checks that keep them there. Larry Mantle takes a look at the rising cost of college tuition with author and Cornell Professor of Economics, Ronald Ehrenberg.
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