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AirTalk for September 10, 2001

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As Vicente Fox returns to Mexico and political leaders debate the future of U.S. Mexico relations, Larry Mantle takes listener calls on possible solutions to the impasse between Republicans and Democrats over immigration reform.

Orange County Edition

Larry Mantle talks with Orange County Register reporter Chris Reed about the latest Orange County news. Topics include: El Toro's Semi-Sort-of End Game; O.C. State and Federal Redistricting; Anaheim Police and Latinos; and, Coastal Pollution Update.

Science News

Larry Mantle discusses the latest science news with resident skeptic and editor of Skeptic Magazine Michael Shermer. Topics include: Accreditation of the Astrological Institute; Stephen Hawking and Artificial Intelligence; Black Hole in the Milky Way; and, the Birth of the Sun and Solar System.

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