AirTalk for October 1, 2001

Muslim College Student Associations

Larry Mantle hosts a panel of Muslim student leaders from university campuses in and around Los Angeles. The student panel reflects on September 11th, how the events of that day have affected them, what they face on campus and more. Guests include Ali Hasan from Occidental College and Milad Ershaghi from USC.

Following the Money

Osama bin Laden and his terrorist group Al Qaeda fund their operations through a complex network of financial arrangements that use both traditional banking and informal accounting methods to transfer and generate revenue. Larry Mantle speaks with Senior Fellow in Economic Policy at the Heritage Foundation, Dr. Gerald P. O'Driscoll Jr., about the difficulties in enforcing Bush's edict to freeze terrorist assets and more.

The Taliban

Larry Mantle discusses reports of dissension, in-fighting, and panic within the Taliban, and the moderate vs. extreme wings of this Ruling entity with UCLA Extension Professor and Fulbright Scholar Zaman Stanizai.
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