AirTalk for October 10, 2001

Port Security

Larry Mantle takes a look at port security, the particular concerns surrounding the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles, and more with guests Chief Noel Cunningham from the Port of Los Angeles Police, U.S. Coast Guard Captain John Holmes, California Assemblyman Alan Lowenthal who sits of the Select Committee on California Ports, and Don Wylie, the managing director of Maritime Services at the Port of Long Beach.

The Technology of Security

In a new era of threat from well-trained and committed terrorists, creativity and enterprise are being brought to bear to develop innovative strategies for counter terrorism protection. Larry Mantle talks with the leaders of technology firms that specialize in cutting-edge products developed to counter the heightened threat from terrorist acts. Joining the conversation is CEO of American Science and Engineering, Ralph Sheridan, CEO of Visionics Corporation, Joseph Atick, and CEO of Visage, Tom Colatosti.
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