AirTalk for October 25, 2001


Larry Mantle discusses the economic feasibility and biomedical challenges of manufacturing anthrax and smallpox vaccines for a vast number of Americans with co-directors of the Vaccine Study Center at Kaiser Permanente, Steven Black, MD, and Henry Shinefield, MD.

New Developments at LAUSD

Larry Mantle talks with Daily News reporter Sonya Giordani and LAUSD Superintendent Roy Romer about the latest LAUSD news, including the decision to resuscitate the Belmont site, the district's purchase of the Ambassador Hotel, and the use of the Beaudry site for the LAUSD administrative headquarters.

Leadership Skills

Is there a model for leadership? Larry Mantle interviews the president of the University of Southern California, Steven Sample, about his new book The Contrarian's Guide to Leadership (Jossey-Bass).
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