AirTalk for October 30, 2001

Caltech Receives $600 Million Gift

Larry Mantle talks with Caltech President and Nobel Laureate Dr. David Baltimore about receiving the largest donation ever to an American university.

Defense Technologies

The Department of Defense has financed research and development for defense technologies for a half-century. What is behind the Pentagon's outside solicitation of innovative anti-terrorist technologies? Larry Mantle will discuss this issue as well as other new technological approaches to dealing with terrorism.

Nursing Home Alternatives

Nursing home care is arguably better than ever, but many seniors still cannot stomach the idea of losing their independence. Join Larry Mantle as he talks with experts, Elinor Ginzler and Michelle Plauche, about the latest alternatives to nursing home care, including at-home care, day care, and assisted living. How do they work, what do they cost, and what's covered by Medicare, Medical and insurance plans?
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