AirTalk for October 31, 2001

The Echo Star Deal

Powerful members of Congress, business rivals, consumers advocates, and even the investing public are raising questions about EchoStar Communications' $25 million deal to acquire Hughes Electronics. Larry Mantle talks about the anti-trust implications of the deal and the response by satellite companies and cable operators to EchoStar's bid to purchase Direct TV with KPCC entertainment expert Brad Pomerance and L.A. Business Week Bureau Chief Ron Grover.

National Security Agency Tactics

Larry Mantle discusses past tactics used by the CIA for information gathering, and whether or not the ènew guardî at the CIA may be leaning toward employing similar tactics as their predecessors with assistant professor of Policy Studies at UCLA, Amy Zegart.


Larry Mantle takes a look at the history behind the cuppa joe with fifth generation coffee entrepreneur, Chuck Jones, and coffee broker Tim Castle. They'll discuss the evolution of coffee, the passion behind the drink, and the story behind the crop, as well as an update on recent industry hardships.
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