AirTalk for November 7, 2001

Writing from Los Angeles

Is there a body of literature that could be considered quintessentially L.A. born and bred? Larry Mantle asks this question and others of David Ulin, editor of a new anthology called Another City: Writing from Los Angeles (City Lights Books). L.A. authors and contributors to the collection, Jervey Tervalon and Eloise Klein Healy, join the discussion.

The History of the Battle of Gettysburg

Historian Craig Symonds joins Larry Mantle to talk about the deadliest battle of the deadliest war in American history. In his new book American Heritage History of the Battle of Gettysburg (Harper Collins), Symonds offers a narrative that covers the grand sweep of the battle by mapping the military strategy of both sides from the Confederate decision to invade Pennsylvania right through to the final deadly clash on the hills and fields of Gettysburg.
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