AirTalk for November 9, 2001

The Deepest Secrets of Eternal Space

The latest findings of astronomers lead us to believe that the universe is expanding and that this expansion is accelerating. Harvard-trained astronomer Ken Croswell joins Larry Mantle to discuss the implications of this discovery on our views of the cosmos, the birth of the universe, and its ultimate fate as presented in his new book The Universe at Midnight (The Free Press).

Open Phones

Larry Mantle opens the phones to hear why listeners become members of KPCC.


Larry Mantle together with critics F.X. Feeney of the L.A. Weekly, Lael Loewenstein of Variety and Charles Solomon of the Los Angeles Times discuss the week's latest film and video releases. This week's selections include: Shallow Hal, Heist, Maze, Prince of Light, Snide and Prejudice, and A Matter of Taste.
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