AirTalk for November 13, 2001

Larry Mantle talks with UCI professor of Economics and Public Policy, Peter Navarro, about his new book If It's Raining In Brazil, Buy Starbucks (McGraw-Hill Trade) that looks at the relationship between the stock market and the broader macroeconomic environment.

American Airlines Crash

Larry Mantle talks with an airline accident expert, Erik Rigler, about American Airlines Flight 587 crash in Queens and the possibility that it was caused by catastrophic engine failure.

The Nuclear Threat

Osama Bin Laden recently claimed to possess nuclear weapons and even stated that he would be willing to use them if provoked by the Bush administration. Larry Mantle discusses the dangers of nuclear weapons in a global environment where terrorism is a real threat with director and research associate of the Center for Nonproliferation Studies at the Moneterey Institute of International Studies William Potter and Gaurav Kampani.
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