AirTalk for November 15, 2001

Trying Terroists in a Special Military Court

President Bush signed an order Tuesday giving him the option of trying non-U.S. citizens suspected of terrorism before a special military commission as opposed to a civilian court. Larry Mantle discusses the pros and cons of the President's proposal with experts in international law with attorney Dan Magel and USC professor of law and international relations, Edwin Smith.
Larry Mantle talks with international law expert Alan Gerson about his experience bringing the first lawsuit against Libya on behalf of the victims of Pan Am flight 103. Gerson will discuss what went wrong with the counter-terrorism efforts following the Pan Am crash, and what must be done following the September 11th attacks to combat future acts of terrorism.

Orange County Edition

Orange County Register reporter Chris Reed fills you in on the latest Orange County News, with an update on El Toro, a look at the Orange Unified election, and Orange County and its police hassles.
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