AirTalk for November 20, 2001

Michael Beschloss

Larry Mantle speaks with Michael Beschloss about his latest book, Reaching for Glory (Simon & Schuster), which takes a fresh look at the tragic Presidency of Lyndon B. Johnson by analyzing hundreds of hours of telephone calls made by the former President during a pivotal year in his term.

Background Checks

Since September 11th, private companies are conducting more background checks and digging deeper into the records of prospective and current employees. Larry Mantle talks with Eric Boden, President of a pre-employment screening company, and Beth Givens, Director of the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, about how security may be trumping privacy at your workplace.

Snakehandlers in Appalachia

Larry Mantle talks with Los Angeles' acclaimed author Gina Nahai, about her new novel Sunday's Silence (Harcourt), which explores the mysterious world of snakehandling in Appalachia.
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