AirTalk for November 26, 2001

Treasures of Los Angeles' Great Libraries

Host Larry Mantle together with critics Peter Rainer of the New York Magazine, Lael Lowenstein of Variety and Charles Solomon of the Los Angeles Times discuss the week's latest film and video releases. This week's selections include: Ocean's Eleven, The Business of Strangers, Baran, The Independent, Last Orders, and Second Skin.


As the Taliban and Bin Laden supporters surrender to the Northern Alliance, what of Afghanistan's neighbor and once supporter turned American ally to the south, Pakistan? How will it cope with a gripping refugee crisis, returning Taliban supporters, and civil unrest? Guest host Patt Morrison discusses these questions and more with Akbar Ahmed, former Ambassador to Great Britain from Pakistan and author of Islam Today (I B Tauris & Co Ltd.), and Nancy Aossey, President and CEO of International Medical Corps.
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