AirTalk for November 27, 2001

Political Cartoons in the Aftermath of 9-11

Josh Needle, lawyer turned entrepreneur, owns the cartoon art gallery Impolitic, the first Gallery of Opinionated Art in the nation. He joins guest host Patt Morrison along with political cartoonists Paul Conrad, Roman Genn, Mike Luckovich, and Rob Rogers to talk about making editorial cartoons in an era of military conflict and terrorist threats.

Following the International Diamond Trail

L.A. Times columnist and guest host Patt Morrison speaks with Michael Montgomery about the American Radio Works documentary that airs this evening at 7:00 on KPCC. "With This Ring" examines our most recognized symbol of love and commitment, exposing the unglamorous elements of the diamond industry including child slavery, smuggling and illegal certification. For more information or to order a copy of "With this Ring," visit American Radio Works.

Ray Bradbury

The 81 year old writer, poet and playwright joins guest host Patt Morrison to talk about his most recent creative offerings including a new book From the Dust Returned (William Morrow & Co.) and his play Falling Upward, an Irish comedy that opens this week at The Falcon Theater in Burbank.

Improvisation Theater in Los Angeles

Actors Ted Michaels and Jordan Black from the Groundlings Theater join guest host Patt Morrison to talk about their new show, The Crazy Uncle Joe Show and improvisation theater and comedy in the current cultural climate.
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