AirTalk for November 29, 2001

CityBeat with New Times L.A. Columnist Jill Stewart

CityBeat with New Times L.A. Columnist Jill Stewart

Orange County Edition

Guest host Patt Morrison talks with Chris Reed of the Orange County Register about the latest news in Orange County. Topics include: Anti-airport Initiative Back on the Ballot, Orange County's Men Go to Washington, Academic Freedom at Orange Coast College, and More Trouble for Huntington Beach Councilman Dave Garofalo.

The San Gabriel River

A lot of attention has been paid of late to the Los Angeles River, but few people know much about the San Gabriel River. Frequently considered little more than a storm drain, the San Gabriel contains an array of plant and bird species - some of which are found no where else on earth. Patt Morrison talks with Seal Beach City Councilmember Paul Yost and Jeff Yann from the Sierra Club. They would like to return the San Gabriel to a more natural state, and include it as part of a continuous network of park and wilderness areas throughout the Southland.
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