AirTalk for December 3, 2001

The Radical Center

More and more Americans describe themselves not as liberal or conservative, Democrats or Republicans, but as moderate or independent. What's happening? The authors of the critically acclaimed new book, The Radical Center (Doubleday) address this phenomenon. Larry Mantle talks with Ted Halstead and Michael Lind of the New America Foundation about their bold, new blueprint for a new political system that they believe will address the needs of most Americans in the Information Age.

The Life and Presidency of Theodore Roosevelt

Larry Mantle talks with Pulitzer prize-winning author Edmund Morris about his new book Theodore Rex (Random House), that examines a seven and a half year period when Roosevelt took Washington by storm. During this time, Roosevelt drafted landmark antitrust legislation, liberated Cuba, determined the route of the Panama Canal, resolved the Venezuela crisis, which could have led to a war with Germany, and established his conservation policy.

Arab-Israeli Conflict

Larry Mantle speaks with Professor of Modern Middle-Eastern History at UCSB, Nancy Gallagher, about the escalation of violence in the Middle East.
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