AirTalk for December 4, 2001

Academic Freedom in Time of War

Several professors nationwide, notably one teaching at Orange Coast College, are being chastised by school administrations for speaking out and airing their opinions regarding the attacks of September 11th and American participation in the war in Afghanistan. Some professors are being criticized for what has been described as anti-Muslim sentiment, while others are being punished for airing views allegedly blaming the United States for the terrorist attacks. Larry Mantle opens the phones to hear from listeners on the subject of free speech during wartime, especially on college campuses.

Vincente Fox at Year One

Governor Davis wraps up his visit with President Vicente Fox in Mexico today. What did the two leaders accomplish? Larry Mantle talks with freelance journalist Sam Quinones from Mexico City, who spent the day yesterday with the two leaders. Quinones will also talk about President Fox's accomplishments in his first year in office, and the monumental challenges he has yet to overcome.

Aberrant Ideas of Human Origins

In her latest book Strange Creations (Feral House), Donna Kossy presents aberrant fantasies and myths created before and after Charles Darwin that are designed to answer the question "where do human beings came from?" These include the imaginative creations of dreamers, cult leaders, amateur scientists, racists and rogues.
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