AirTalk for December 5, 2001

Larry Mantle talks with author and journalist Neal Gabler about the differing ideologies behind the September 11th terrorist attacks, how the attacks have influenced the culture of celebrity, and affected the news and entertainment communities, and about Gabler's upcoming biography about Walt Disney.

Caltech Edition: Sight and Sound

Does what you hear affect what you see? New research indicates that this may be the case. Host Larry Mantle speaks with Caltech postdoctoral scholar, Ladan Shams, about sound, sight and human perception.

Caltech Edition: Structural Engineering Design Contest

Imagine yourself a Caltech undergraduate. You enter your fall term engineering class, and your professor gives you a bag of junk. Your objective for the next ten weeks... build a wireless power controlled device that can heave mass up a curved slope. Larry Mantle takes a look at learning by doing with Caltech Professor Erik Antonsson. They'll discuss contests from the past, the current one, what students take away from the class, and more.
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