AirTalk for December 10, 2001


Larry Mantle kicks off AirTalk in NYC with New York City's public radio VP of Programming and Operations, Dean Cappello. He shares what happened at WNYC on September 11th, including the loss of their transmitter, the evacuation from their studios, the days after the attack, plans for the future, and more. KPCC's local host of Morning Edition at KPCC joins the discussion to talk about early contact with WNYC on that fateful day.

Kate Burton

Larry Mantle speaks with respected actress Kate Burton about New York's theater culture.

Reporter Panel

In the aftermath of September 11th, a stunned nation turned to reporters to make sense of the senseless. Larry Mantle speaks with LA Times New York bureau chief, Josh Getlin, Al Hayat Senior Diplomatic Correspondent, Raghida Dergham, and New York Times reporter Lynette Halloway about the intricacies of covering the story that captivated the nation and more.
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