AirTalk for December 21, 2001

The Ambassador Hotel

Last week escrow closed on LAUSD's purchase of the Ambassador Hotel, ending a 10-year tumultuous legal battle over the historic hotel's future. Preservationists want the Ambassador saved and converted into a school. But some within LAUSD say that's financially unfeasible and that it makes more sense to raze it and build a new structure. What will be its fate? Larry Mantle talks with Ken Bernstein of the Los Angeles Conservancy and Caprice Young, member of the Los Angeles School Board.

National Education Reform Bill

President Bush is eager to sign a massive education reform bill, just passed by the House and Senate, which will provide much-needed funding to low-performing Southern California schools and set deadlines for improvement. Larry Mantle talks with Los Angeles School Board member Caprice Young, and testing expert Eva Baker from UCLA.


Host Larry Mantle together with critics Jean Oppenheimer of Screen International, Lael Lowenstein of Variety, Andy Klein of the New Times L.A., F.X. Feeney of the L.A. Weekly, and Charles Solomon, animation critic at, discuss the week's latest film and video releases. This week's selections include: Lord of the Rings, A Beautiful Mind, The Majestic, Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, Happenstance, and A Song for Martin.
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