AirTalk for December 26, 2001

The Culture of Shopping

Guest host Patt Morrison takes a look at the good and the bad of American consumerism, as well as how attitudes about "stuff" may have changed since September 11th. Joining the conversation is Jane Hammerslough, author of Dematerializing (Perseus).

Cult Wines

Did you know that one of hottest and priciest California wines is made in someone's garage? Guest host Patt Morrison talks writer Jim Nelson about his recent piece in the New York Times Magazine which highlights the ridiculous heights wine connoisseurs have reached in their search for the rarest and coolest cabernets.

Marlene Dietrich

Patt Morrison talks with J. David Riva, grandson of Marlene Dietrich, who directed the new documentary about her life, chronicling her rise from a cabaret singer to acclaimed actress.
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