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AirTalk for January 3, 2002

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Pakistan and India

Are they on the brink of war? Larry Mantle discusses the escalating tensions between Pakistan and India, and how history has shaped the pending crisis between these two nations with UCLA professor Stanley Wolpert.

Orange County Edition

Host Larry Mantle talks with Chris Reed of the Orange County Register about the latest news in Orange County. Topics include: 2001 as the Year of El Toro, Huntington Beach City Councilman Dave Garofalo Quits, D.A. Tony Rakaukas Subject of Grand Jury Investigation, New Interpretation of Proposition 13, and UCI Sex Crime Case.

Update on War in Afghanistan and What's Next

At the beginning of our military involvement in Afghanistan, critics of the policy warned that we may be facing a protracted conflict with no exit strategy like Vietnam. Why was it so easy for American armed forces to succeed in overtaking the Taliban and al Qaeda when so many thought this would be an impossible task? What will the next phase bring not only in Afghanistan but also in the War on Terrorism? Larry Mantle speaks with senior fellow at the Hoover Institution and Stanford law professor, Abraham Sofaer.

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AirTalk for September 4, 2015

If Donald Trump truly wants to make America great again, he’s going to have to do it as a least on paper. Then, while the photo of the dead Syrian toddler has put a global spotlight on the migrant crisis, is it ethical to post a photo of a dead child? Also, KPCC film critic Andy Klein and guest critic Christy Lemire review the action movie “The Transporter Refueled” and “A Walk in the Woods.”

AirTalk for September 3, 2015

LA has seen its deadliest August since 2007 with 39 homicides, but crime remains near a historic low. Also, Rand Paul is trying to accomplish something his father couldn’t: become President of the United States. Then, is the explosion of great TV actually hurting the industry?

AirTalk for September 2, 2015

President Obama has secured enough votes to protect the Iran nuclear deal. Also, Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis is now refusing to issue marriage licenses entirely, to avoid having to issue one to a gay or lesbian couple. Then, without solitary confinement, how will California prisons control gang members?

AirTalk for September 1, 2015

Pope Francis will allow priests to forgive women who've had abortions. Also, in his first bid for the U.S. presidency, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee won eight states and the Iowa Caucuses. How is Huckabee’s campaign different this time around? Then, 18-year-old Michelle Carter is facing an involuntary manslaughter charge for allegedly convincing her former boyfriend, Conrad Roy, to kill himself last summer.

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