AirTalk for January 4, 2002

Teaching the Strengths of America

Do modern history lessons and textbooks focus too heavily on America's weaknesses rather than its strengths? Host Larry Mantle talks with SDSU Professor Elizabeth Cobbs Hoffman about her recent L.A. Times Opinion piece that questions the way American history and foreign policy is taught in schools.


Host Larry Mantle together with critics Jean Oppenheimer of Screen International, Lael Lowenstein of Variety, Andy Klein of the New Times L.A., F.X. Feeney of the L.A. Weekly, Charles Solomon, animation critic at, and Peter Rainer of the New York Magazine recap their top picks for the best films of 2001. Jean's: Behind the Sun Amores Perros No Man's Land Shrek Our Song Donnie Darko L.I.E. Focus The Deep End The Road Home Andy's: Memento Mullholland Drive Amelie Shrek Audition In the Mood for Love Lord of the Rings The Fighter Gosford Park Sexy Beast Peter's: Gosford Park Amores Perros In the Bedroom Our Lady of Assassins Shrek Waking Life Tailor of Panama Sexy Beast The Gleaners and I The Circle Charles': Lord of the Rings Shrek Monster's Inc. Jin-Roh Kids Card Captor Sakura Princess Nine F.X.'s A.I. Mullholland Drive Simon Magus In the Bedroom Monsters, Inc. Amores Perros Faithless The Anniversary Party Memento The Royal Tenenbaums With a Friend Like Harry In the Mood for Love Lael's Shrek Memento Apocalypse Now Redux In the Bedroom No Man's Land Moulin Rouge L.I.E. Monster's Ball Mullholland Drive The Endurance
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