AirTalk for January 9, 2002

Larry Mantle, Alfred Balitzer and senior political columnist for the Sacramento Bee, Dan Walters, provide commentary about Governor Davis¡ State of the State address and the upcoming Gubernatorial primary.

Science Stories in the News

Larry Mantle speaks with science expert and editor of Skeptic Magazine Michael Shermer about the latest science stories, including the study of dark matter and its role in the universe, Polynesia, Steven Hawking's 60th birthday, and the continuing debate surrounding the anthropologists who studied the Yanomami people.

Evening Special from the California Report

The first hour of AirTalk Evening Edition is preempted for the statewide Health Dialogues special on the Fate and Future of Hospitals produced by our San Francisco sister station KQED. Scott Shafer hosts the discussion. For more information or to listen to the broadcast, visit KQED.
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