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AirTalk for January 16, 2002

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Impact of California Budget Cuts

Faced with a 12 billion dollar budget shortfall, Governor Gray Davis has targeted his deepest cuts at some of California's most vulnerable residents, from welfare recipients to low-income working parents to the mentally ill. Larry Mantle looks at the budget proposed by Governor Gray Davis with Jean Ross, Director of the California Budget Project.

Managed Care Update

Larry Mantle speaks with consumer activist, Jamie Court, from the Santa Monica based Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights, and Walter Zellman, President of the California Association of Health Plans, about the latest news on cases pending against managed care organizations, how to reform health care, and more.

Caltech Edition: American Astronomical Society Meeting

Larry Mantle gets an update on last week's American Astronomical Society meeting in Washington D.C. with Caltech postdoctoral scholar, Christopher Conselice. They discuss NASA's x-ray telescope that helps opens the invisible aspects of the universe, as well as new spectra research of the entire universe, and more.

Caltech Edition: In Search of Life

Larry Mantle looks to the stars with Millikan Postdoctoral Scholar in Astronomy at Caltech, Dr. David Charbonneau. Dr. Charbonneau shares findings from his recent work using the Hubble Telescope to chemically identify distant atmospheres. His research could lead to finding distant planets that can sustain life.

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