AirTalk for January 22, 2002

Spring Congressional Preview

The U.S. House of Representatives convenes tomorrow morning on Capitol Hill. Larry Mantle talks with Southern California Representatives David Dreier and Loretta Sanchez about the many issues facing Congress this spring.

SLA Arrests

Larry Mantle talks with Loyola Law Professor Laurie Levenson about the recent sentencing of Sara Jane Olson, the arrest last week of Emily Harris, William Harris, and Michael Bortin, and the arraignment of Olson and the Harris' on charges stemming from a 1975 Sacramento-area bank robbery.

Political Correctness

In her new book, The New Thought Police (Prima Publishing), Tammy Bruce, the former president of NOW, feminist activist, and former talk show host rails against the America Left claiming that progressives exact severe social punishment on anyone who challenges the politically correct status quo.
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