AirTalk for January 24, 2002

CityBeat with New Times L.A. Columnist Jill Stewart

Host Larry Mantle speaks with New Times L.A. Columnist Jill Stewart.

The Museum of Architecture and Design

L.A.'s new Museum of Architecture and Design opens today in the historic Bradbury Building downtown. The inaugural exhibition displays the work of four L.A. architects who were invited by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles to create a hypothetical shrine to Junipero Serra. Host Larry Mantle speaks with the museum's acting curator, Liz Martin, and the museum's Chairman of the Board, Stephen Kanner.

Wen Ho Lee

Larry Mantle talks with Dan Stober and Ian Hoffman, the authors of A Convenient Spy: Wen Ho Lee and the Politics of Nuclear Espionage (Simon & Schuster). The new book details the events surrounding the arrest of Wen Ho Lee who was accused of providing nuclear weapons secrets to the Chinese from his computer at the Los Alamos National Laboratory.


Host Larry Mantle together with critics Jean Oppenheimer of Screen International, Charles Solomon, animation critic at, and Peter Rainer of New York Magazine discuss the week's latest film and video releases. This week's selections include: The Count of Monte Cristo, The Mothman Prophecies, Storytelling, The Son's Room, Metropolis, Escaflowne, May Day-Mayhem, Beijing Bicycle, and the 20th anniversary edition of Tron released on DVD.
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