AirTalk for January 29, 2002


Did you know one-in-six Americans suffers from some form of arthritis? Did you know lupus is more prevalent than AIDS, M.S. and cystic fibrosis combined? Did you know arthritis-related diseases afflict African-Americans more than any other racial group? Larry Mantle talks with the Medical Director of the National Arthritis Foundation, Dr. Jack Klippel, and Carolyn Dodge from the Southern California Chapter of the Arthritis Foundation about the surprising facts of arthritis-related diseases, as well as the latest research into their causes and cures.

For Better or for Worse - Divorce Reconsidered

Larry Mantle talks to E. Mavis Hetherington, co-author of a surprising new book, For Better or Worse (W.W. Norton & Company), about divorce. Have the negative affects of divorce on parents and children been exaggerated by researchers? Larry Mantle explores this question and more.
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