AirTalk for February 5, 2002

Congresswoman Jane Harman

Congresswoman Jane Harman, who just returned from a trip to Europe with Donald Rumsfeld, joins Larry Mantle. Jane Harman will talk about the trip, as well as her recent criticisms of President Bush, who, she says, lacks a long-term strategy for Homeland Defense.

Enron/Andersen: Changing Business Practices

With Congress furrowing brows over the relationship between Enron and Andersen, other companies suffer fallout of increased scrutiny of their business practices as well. Are businesses changing their ways? Larry Mantle explores this topic and more with Harvey Mudd professor of economics and finance, Jay Prag.

The Philosophy of Evil

President Reagan called the Soviet Union "The Evil Empire," and in his recent State of the Union speech, President Bush called Iran, Iraq, and North Korea "the Axis of Evil.” Many Americans believe that using the word "evil" in this context polarizes people and discourages dialogue and debate with our adversaries. Larry Mantle discusses the concept of evil from a philosophical point of view with a professor of philosophy from Gonzaga University.
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