AirTalk for February 7, 2002

CityBeat with New Times L.A. Columnist Jill Stewart

Host Larry Mantle speaks with New Times L.A. Columnist Jill Stewart.

Is Anyone Watching the Olympics?

Guest host John Rabe takes listener calls about the Olympic coverage and interest in the games themselves.


John Rabe talks with travel experts and columnists for Westways Paul Lasley and Elizabeth Harryman about the latest travel news, including Valentine's Day getaways, a California state park to visit for African-American history month, trips for Chinese New Year, and Paul and Elizabeth's experiences in London when covering the festivities for the Queen's Jubilee.


Guest host John Rabe together with critics Peter Rainer of the New York Magazine and Andy Klein of New Times L.A. discuss the week's latest film and video releases. This week's selections include: Collateral Damage, Rollerball, Scotland,PA, Shiri, and a revisit of Monster's Ball. Peter also talks about his trip to the Miami film festival.
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