AirTalk for February 8, 2002

What Are Special Purpose Entities?

How did Enron create off the book transactions and partnerships designed to remove debt from the company's balance sheet? How do these SPE partnerships work? How are they valuated and how did their creation eventually lead to the downfall of Enron? Larry Mantle explores Enron's world of corporate finance and their use of SPEs with Randy Beatty, Dean of USC's Leventhal School of Accounting at the Marshall School of Business.

Lester Young

Larry Mantle talks with professor and author Douglas Daniels about the life and music of Lester Young as chronicled in his book Lester Leaps In (Beacon Press). Daniels focuses on Young's artistic development, his relationships with Count Basie and Billie Holliday among others, and his personal demons in the final years of his life.


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