AirTalk for February 13, 2002

Belmont Learning Center

In preparation for a final decision in March, a panel put together by the LAUSD recently published their findings based on three proposals from private companies seeking to finish construction at the Belmont Learning Center. LAUSD Board members David Tokofsky and Jose Huizar discuss these findings with Larry Mantle.

Satellite Radio

Radio beamed straight from space to your car for a price, this new service promises better coverage, perfect reception and a huge array of program offerings. But will it be profitable? Larry Mantle talks with industry expert, Robert Unmacht, about satellite radio, its promise and its pitfalls.


Since Mayor Hahn came out against Chief Parks' run for a second term at the head of the LAPD, criticism has erupted from all sides. Larry Mantle takes a look at the arguments for and against Hahn's actions with co-director of The Advancement Project, Connie Rice; director of Project Islamic Hope, Najee Ali; research fellow at Pepperdine Public Policy Institute, Gregory Rodriquez; and, executive director from the Center for the Study of Popular Culture.
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