AirTalk for February 18, 2002

Michael Beschloss

AirTalk presents a Best of AirTalk segment. Larry Mantle speaks with presidential historian Michael Beschloss about his latest book, Reaching For Glory (Simon & Schuster), which takes a look at the Presidency of Lyndon B. Johnson by analyzing hundreds of hours telephone calls made by the former President during a pivotal year in his term.

Jews and Blues

AirTalk is preempted for special programming. In Jews and Blues, Michael Goldfarb tells the story of relations between African-American and Jewish communities through the history of popular American music of the first half of the 20th century.

Remembering Jim Crow

In lieu of the AirTalk evening rebroadcast, KPCC presents a two-hour special by American Radio Works. "Oh Freedom Over Me" documents one of the most remarkable chapters in the Southern Civil Rights movement, the Mississippi summer project of 1964 through the voices of its participants and through archival tape of the music and people that helped drive the movement. "Radio Fights Jim Crow" explores a series of groundbreaking radio programs during the WWII years that tried to mend the deep racial and ethnic divisions that threatened America. At a time when blacks were stereotyped on the radio as lazy buffoons, the federal government and civil rights activists used radio for a counter attack. On this special hour-long report from America Radio Works, we hear how this was done. For more information on these specials or to order a copy of the program, visit American Radio Works.
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