AirTalk for February 20, 2002

LAUSD'S Inclusion Plan

Larry Mantle talks Cal State Los Angeles Professor Mary Falvey about the philosophy behind "inclusion education." He also speaks with LAUSD's Associate Superintendent Donnalyn Anton and Coordinator Nancy Franklin about LAUSD's inclusion plan, which outlines how the district will integrate 35,000 special education students into regular classrooms over the next 5 years.

Inclusion Forum

Larry Mantle moderates a panel of teachers and parents with a variety of opinions about inclusion education and LAUSD's inclusion plan. Guests include: Mary Falvey, professor of education at Cal State LA; Peter Auerbach, special education instructor at Alphonso B. Perez School; Mary Mejia, parent of a student at Alphonso B. Perez School; Nancy Serreno, parent of 3rd grade special needs student at Chime Charter School; and, Ben Adams, inclusion facilitator for LAUSD and a parent of a special needs student.

Health Dialogues

AirTalk evening edition is moved to 9PM this evening for a special edition of Health Dialogues as presented by our sister station in San Francisco KQED. This month, we take a look at communities helping themselves. With the state's health care system facing so many critical challenges today, we'll examine how communities are stepping in to help meet the health care needs of their local residents. Across the state, independent grass roots groups are forming to provide services not offered by the mainstream health care system. In some cases, these groups are offering services that used to be provided by the public sector. Sometimes, they are in partnership with public health programs. And in some cases, they are responding to health care needs that have never been addressed. Join us for Health Dialogues, February 20 from 7-8 p.m.
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