AirTalk for February 25, 2002

The Southern California Housing Market

Despite the constant news of a recession, Southern California home prices are setting records. What is the reason behind the soaring home prices in the Southland, and how long will it last? Larry Mantle speaks with DataQuick analyst John Karevoll.


Lots of conflicting information has been coming out lately about the value of mammograms. Some doctors say they're useless, some say they're invaluable. What should women do? Larry Mantle talks with the Director of Breast Imaging at Huntington Hospital, Dr. Kevin Kelly, about mammograms, self-exams, ultrasounds, as well as the latest research into better breast cancer detection.

Todd Field

Larry Mantle is joined in discussion by Academy Award-nominated screenwriter and director Todd Field of "In the Bedroom." Field's movie is also nominated for Best Picture, and three of the actors are nominated in the Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Supporting Actress categories.

First Person - Speaking of Faith

The first hour of AirTalk Evening Edition is preempted for the one hour special The Problem of Evil. The documentary explores the aftermath of September 11th and the meaning of the word "evil."
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