AirTalk for March 4, 2002

Open Phones

When media hype overtakes a news story, the important issues underlying the story rarely get discussed and analyzed. Larry Mantle takes listener calls to hear reactions to the sensationalism surrounding the "dog mauling trial," the kidnapping of Danielle Van Dam and the Daniel Pearl murder.

Moulin Rouge Director Baz Luhrmann

Larry Mantle talks with the director of "Moulin Rouge," Baz Luhrmann about his Academy Award-nominated film and about his career in Hollywood.

Proposition 45

Larry Mantle discusses Proposition 45. This initiative would allow lawmakers to seek four more years in office if they can procure 20% of the voters' signatures who cast ballots in previous elections. Should lawmakers who are doing well in office be allowed longer terms, or should term limits stand and consistently bring new faces to the California political stage? Larry Mantle fields both sides of the argument with Dan Schnur, spokesman for the campaign against Prop. 45, and Cindy O'Connor, President of the League of Women Voters of LA.
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