AirTalk for March 5, 2002

Catholic Priests and Child Sexual Abuse

According to sources, some Southern California priests are quietly being asked to leave their parishes due to past sexual misconduct that occurred as much as a decade ago. Larry Mantle discusses whether religious institutions are afforded legal protections under the constitution, and about the allegations of sexual abuse and misconduct within the Catholic Church. He speaks with professor of Constitutional Law and Religious Liberty at Loyola Law School, Kurt Lash, and Jason Berry, author of Lead Us Not Into Temptation (University of Illinois Press).

A Beautiful Mind Composer, James Horner

Larry Mantle talks with the composer of the music for "A Beautiful Mind,” James Horner about creating the music for the film and about his long career composing in Hollywood.

A Beautiful Mind Screenwriter, Akiva Goldsman

Larry Mantle talks with the Academy award-nominated screenwriter of "A Beautiful Mind,” Akiva Goldsman about the film and his intimate and unique knowledge of dealing with the mentally ill.
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