AirTalk for March 7, 2002

Chime Charter School

Larry Mantle continues with Part 2 of AirTalk's Special Education series with a live broadcast from Chime Charter School in Northridge. Chime opened last fall to practice "inclusion education." Los Angeles Unified is watching this school closely as it prepares to integrate 35,000 students with disabilities into mainstream classrooms in the next few years. The show opens with a special feature by KPCC reporter Pam Kaufman looking at a day in the life of a Chime first grade classroom and is followed by a panel discussion. Panelists include renowned special education scholar Dr. June Downing from Cal State Northridge and actress Laura San Giacomo, one of the founders of Chime and a parent of a child with special needs at the school.


Host Larry Mantle together with critics Andy Klein of New Times L.A. and Henry Sheehan of the Orange County Register discuss this week's film and video releases. The selections are: The Time Machine, All About the Benjamins, Big Bad Love, Festival in Cannes, Borstal Boy, and The Last Man.
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