AirTalk for March 21, 2002

The Future of Life

One of the world's most influential scientists and thinkers, Pulitzer Prize-winner Edward O. Wilson joins Larry Mantle in discussion. Wilson will talk about his new book, The Future of Life (Knopf), in which he explains why the loss of our earth's biodiversity is not inevitable.

Mid-Century Modern Architecture

Larry Mantle takes a look at California's indigenous architecture and Los Angeles' infatuation with mid-century homes. Larry Mantle talks with Santa Monica architect Leo Marmal and Cal Poly Pomona Professor Judith Sheine about the architects and homes that defined this movement.


Host Larry Mantle together with critics Peter Rainer of New York Magazine and Henry Sheehan of the Orange County Register discuss this week's film and video releases. The selections are: The 20th anniversary re-release of E.T. the Extraterrestial, Blade II, the re-release of Lola, and Sorority Boys. The critics take a look at some new videos as well as share their reactions to the Academy Award nominations for Best Picture and Best Film. We wish the very best to Henry Sheehan, who is leaving the Orange County Register but will continue to appear on FilmWeek. We wanted to issue a very special thank you our listners who were able to join us at the new Arclight Cinerama Dome Entertainment Complex for a special taping of FilmWeek in front of a live audience.
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