AirTalk for April 3, 2002

The SAG/ATA Deal

In March the Screen Actors Guild voted to approve to a controversial agreement with the Associated Talents Agencies (ATA) that amends agency regulations and the basic contract. Larry Mantle talks with SAG board members, First SAG VP Mike Farrell, and SAG National Treasurer Kent McCord about the agreement that would allow talent agencies to sell part of their businesses to advertising agencies or to link up with production companies.

Remote, Northern Burma

Larry Mantle is joined by a man the New York Times calls "The Indiana Jones of Wildlife Exploration," Alan Rabinowitz. His new book, Beyond the Last Village (Island Press), documents his fascinating 500 mile journey, on foot, into remote Northern Myannmar. There he discovered a totally new species of barking deer, encountered an isolated and dwindling population of Mongoloid pygmies, and came across creatures few people have ever seen.
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