AirTalk for April 9, 2002


Pulitzer Prize winning author Daniel Yergin joins Larry Mantle to discuss "Commanding Heights," the three part special PBS series dealing with the world economy, the clash between governments and the marketplace, the battle over globalization and what all of this means to individuals around the world.

Marketing To Children

Every year, more and more money is spent on marketing to children, as manufacturers and broadcasters realize the huge influence kids have on their parents buying habits. Larry Mantle talks with Jill Newhouse Calcaterra, a marketer for Nelvana Entertainment, and Mark Rosenberg, a marketer for Tiger Electronics, about the latest techniques the industry is using to reach children, and Dr. Susan Linn, Associate Director Harvard University's George Baker Children's Center, who believes the federal government should put limits on the industry when it comes to children. Surfas.
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