AirTalk for April 16, 2002

High Stakes Testing and Parents' Response

We know how hard standardized tests can be on students and teachers, but what about parents? How are parents responding to the kinds of standardized tests that their children must now undergo frequently in public schools? Guest host Patt Morrison takes calls from parents regarding the testing issue and how they are responding to the kind and number of standardized tests their kids must take each year.

What About Our Weather

It'Æs April but it feels like June. Since February, June Gloom has been upon us and though the weather has been cool, damp and foggy we are actually in the middle of a severe drought. What is our weather doing these days and why? Guest host Patt Morrison talks about the weather with JPL climate expert Bill Patzert.

Science in the News

Resident skeptic and columnist for Scientific American, Michael Shermer, joins guest host Patt Morrison to talk about the latest science news.
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