AirTalk for April 17, 2002

Supreme Court Decision on Virtual Child Pornography

Guest host Patt Morrison talks with law professor Eugene Volokh about the recent Supreme Court decision overturning a ban on virtual child pornography.

What To Do With Those Gas Guzzling SUVs

Patt Morrison speaks with syndicated columnist Amy Alkon about her public, very "in your face" campaign to embarrass SUVs owners into reconsidering their choice of vehicle. Also a more serious discussion about "CAFE" (corporate average fuel economy) standards and why in a time of great political instability in the Middle East the federal government does not push to make cars more fuel efficient thereby lessening our dependence on foreign oil.

Richard Rodriguez

Contributing editor to Harper's magazine and the Los Angeles Times Opinion section writer Richard Rodriguez joins guest host Patt Morrison to talk about his new book, Brown (Viking Press), that discusses redefining the notion of race in the America.
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