AirTalk for May 15, 2002

Enron and the California Power Crisis

Larry Mantle talks with professor and author Peter Navarro about Enron and whether or not California energy and supply prices were manipulated.

Afghanistan Update

Despite waning media attention, Afghanistan still rumbles with activity. Larry Mantle takes a look at different military missions in operation as well U.S. policy. How is the United States policy evolving and how is the United States implementing it? Larry asks these questions and more of Los Angeles Times staff writer, Eric Slater, and Senior Research Associate for the Middle East at the Monterey Institute, Dr. Amin Tarzi.

New proposals for LAUSD

Tuesday, the Los Angeles Board of Education put on hold a proposal that would permit charter school operators and other outside groups to bid for control of 50 new schools scheduled to open over the next four years. Larry talks with Los Angeles Times Education reporter Howard Blume about this new plan.
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