AirTalk for May 16, 2002

CityBeat with New Times L.A. Columnist Jill Stewart

Host Larry Mantle speaks with New Times L.A. Columnist Jill Stewart.

Orange County Edition

Host Larry Mantle talks with Chris Reed of the Orange County Register about the latest Orange County news. This week's topics include: Private Funds Bailout Schools; Parks and Razor Blades; and, El Toro.

Killing Monsters

Many studies have suggested that violence in the media contributes to violent behavior in individuals, but the author of the new book Killing Monsters (Basic Books) argues that super heroes and make-believe violence actually serve an important role in the emotional development of children. Larry Mantle talks with author Gerard Jones about this fascinating and controversial perspective.


Larry Mantle and critics Andy Klein of New Times L.A. and Peter Rainer of New York Magazine discuss this week's new film releases, including Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, About a Boy, The Mystic Masseur, The Believer, Les Destinees, Janice Beard, and someBody. Also, Henry Sheehan of Fresh Air joins us via telephone from France to talk about the Cannes Film Festival. Larry and the critics also discussed some of the video releases of the week, including From Hell and The Others.
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