AirTalk for May 21, 2002

United Airlines Vs Southwest

United is a predominantly employee owned business. However, Southwest boasts a company that has encouraged its employees to act like owners. Why is it that Southwest has become so successful while United Airlines is often plagued with in-fighting and union power struggles? Larry Mantle speaks with Kevin Freiberg, co-author of Nuts!: Southwest's Crazy Recipe for Business and Personal Success (Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishers), and John McCorkle, who writes a newsletter which covers the airline industry from the inside. To subscribe to John McCorkle's newsletter, send an e-mail to
What is it about LA that inspires people to refer to it by such monikers as La La Land, Hollyweird, Plastic Land or even Paradise with a Lobotomy? Larry Mantle examines the culture of Los Angeles through its urban myths legends and scandalous rumors with Paul Young, author of LA Exposed (St. Martins Press).
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