AirTalk for June 10, 2002

Why Do Teens Smoke?

Recently, a California judge fined R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. twenty million dollars for violating the 1998 tobacco settlement by targeting teens with magazine advertising. Larry Mantle discusses the lawsuit with a prosecutor from the California state attorney general's office, Dennis Eckhart, and a spokesperson from R.J. Reynolds, Tommy Payne. Then the discussion opens to the effects of tobacco ads on teens, the effect of the anti-tobacco campaign on teen smoking and an analysis of why teens smoke with guests Dr. Jennifer Unger from USC Keck School of Medicine; Bill Core, Executive V.P. for the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids; and, Lyndon Haviland, PhD., COO of the American Legacy Foundation.

Not By Accident

We all know someone who is prone to accidents, someone who is consistently careless, and involved in numerous mishaps. Are these incidents truly accidental or a result of deeper psychological issues? Larry Mantle talks with author Samantha Dunn about her new book, Not By Accident (Henry Holt), that chronicles her experience of being prone to these "accidents" and what she found when she looked deeper into their meaning in her life.
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