AirTalk for June 11, 2002

The 1st Amendment and the Protection of Children

Recently, a District court in Philadelphia ruled the Children's Internet Protection Act, which requires the installation of filtering software on library computers that receive federal support, unconstitutional. The battle for freedom of speech is an old and important one, but how can a balance be attained between the protection of children from online porn in a public place and the guarantee of free speech? Larry Mantle speaks with the Coordinator of Youth Services for the County of Los Angeles Library, Penny Markey; Southwestern Professor of Law, Robert Pugsley; and, Director of Marketing for 8e6 Technologies, Eric Lundbohm.

Sunset Boulevard

Larry Mantle discusses the culture, history and mystique of Sunset Boulevard and how it has changed over the years with Amy Dawes, author of Sunset Boulevard (Los Angeles Times Books).

Xaviera Hollander

Larry Mantle talks with Xaviera Hollander about the 30th anniversary re-release of The Happy Hooker (Regan Books) and about her new book, Child No More (Regan Books), that recounts her life from her family's confinement in a prison camp during the WWII Japanese occupation of Indonesia, through her entrÕe into prostitution, and her years of international celebrity.
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