AirTalk for June 13, 2002

CityBeat with New Times L.A. Columnist Jill Stewart

Host Larry Mantle speaks with New Times L.A. Columnist Jill Stewart.

Earnings Mobility for Lower-Wage Workers

Is the gap between California's rich and poor really widening? Are lower-wage workers able to improve their lot over time? Larry Mantle talks with Michael Dardia about the new study by California's SPHERE Institute which indicates that the state's lower-wage workers are more upwardly mobile in their earning levels than previously reported.

The Changing Role of Fatherhood in America

With Father's Day around the corner, Larry Mantle asks listeners to weigh in on the changing role of fathers in America. How do fatherhood and motherhood differ? How do fathers balance work along with the responsibilities and pleasures of nurturing children? How do fathers learn how to nurture their sons or daughters?
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