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What Trump's budget means for California's earthquake early warning system

Trump's proposed budget doesn't include federal funding for the West Coast earthquake early warning system project - what's the future of the project?; on the eve of Memorial Day weekend, we want to hear your stories of loved ones who served; plus, in the wake of Roger Moore's death, we want to hear about your favorite James Bond iteration; and more.

The epic battle to extend the 710 freeway could come to an end today

AirTalk dives into a decades-old debate to extend the 710 freeway before Metro votes today on a proposal that would scrap the idea. We'll also take a look at what Gov. Brown's budget means for the future CalPERS; what makes a successful business partnership?; a refresher on the Paris Accord; and more.

After a controversial audit, a new proposal suggests limiting UC autonomy

AirTalk debates an amendment proposed yesterday to diminish the UC system's autonomy, with changes that would allow the Legislature to fund the UC Office of the President and take away the UC president's voting rights. We also discuss new technology being used to test drivers for marijuana use across the state, the uptick in Americans working over 65, and more.

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